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  • CUSTOMS DECLARATION: check-in A.T.A. Goods & bonded goods, foreign currency declaration, CITES products clearance, domestic products for oversea exhibition. For products that should follow general customs clearance and all of the rest, please go to the customs counter of Taoyuan International Airport.
  • If there is any question, please go to the customs counter.Customs TEL: 02-23312861
  • VAT REFUND: foreign travelers departing from Taoyuan International Airport and has accumulated tax included purchases in Taiwan (not including on-site small-amount VAT refund & designated VAT refund) below NT$24,000, and has been verified not to be examined by the customs.
  • If there is any question, please go to the VAT refund counter of Chunghwa Telecom.TEL: 02-23315940